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Maintaining security measures while providing accessibility is essential. Establishing the priority of security between the various locking segments depends on the security objective of the facility. Once the security objectives have been identified an integrated security package can begin.

Key Benefits

Product Knowledge
Experience & Expertise
Design & Integration


Rex Key & Security is a leading full line service center of physical security hardware. Products designed for the commercial, automotive, industrial and residential markets include locksets.

Product Knowledge

At Rex Key & Security we believe in constant training from proper installation applications to servicing and maintaining existing hardware and electronics. Through our network of manufacturers, distributors, we can find the right product or solve a serving problem.

Field Experience

In our hundred years of service, hundreds of customers can attest to capabilities. Our services have cut thousands of keys; opened lockouts; fixed & repaired countless locks; developed & installed master key systems.


Rex Key has put together a team of security experts who have been involved in the industry since the early 60s. We know what will work and where it will work. We can solve virtually any service problem from lost keys to managing the most intricate master key system